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Global Wood Source Inc.   Campbell
Bohnhoff Lumber Co, Inc.   Los Angeles
Eisenbrand, Inc. Exotic Hardwoods   Templeton
Jackel Enterprises   Watsonville


Frank Paxton Lumber Company - Woodcrafter's Store   Denver


Alva Hardwoods   LaBelle
Hardwood Lumber & Millwork   Lakeland
Shell Lumber & Hardware   Miami
Lumber Locators   Santa Rosa Beach


CAG Lumber/ Div. ATD   Gainesville


Doug White Hardwoods, Inc. - Call for Bargain Discounts   Marissa


Northwest Lumber   Indianapolis
FormWood Industries   Jeffersonville
Marwood, Inc (See our website for veneer special offers)   Jeffersonville
Johnson's Workbench - IN   South Bend


Mark Frieden Hardwoods   Pomona


Brazos Forest Product - Denham Springs, La.   Denham Springs


Leon M Fiske Company, Inc. dba Forest Products Associates   Greenfield
All Righteous Woods - Fruit of the Earth   Rowley


Frederick Lumber Company   Frederick
Maryland Select Hardwoods   La Plata
Freestate Timbers   Timonium


Rare Woods USA LLC    Mexico


B&B Heartwoods, Inc.   Ann Arbor
Woodcraft - Canton, MI   Canton
Johnson's Workbench   Charlotte
Armstrong Millworks, Inc.   Highland


Elmwood Reclaimed Timber   Peculiar
Lumber Logs LLC   St. Louis


Klingspor's Woodworking Shop of Cary   Cary
West Penn Hardwoods, Inc.   Conover
Klingspor's Woodworking Shop of Asheville   Fletcher
The Hardwood Store of North Carolina, Inc.   Gibsonville
Klingspor's Woodworking Shop of Hickory   Hickory
Steve Wall Lumber Co.   Mayodan
Woodcraft - Raleigh/Durham, NC   Raleigh
Klingspor's Woodworking Shop of Winston-Salem   Winston-Salem


Northland Forest Products, Inc.   Kingston


Lakeshore Hardwoods   Pulaski
Lakeshore Hardwoods II   Victor


Exotic Woods Inc.   Burlington


Gilmer Wood Company   Portland


Fleetwood Lumber and Flooring   Fleetwood
Bailey Wood Products, Inc.   Kempton
A to Z Exotic Hardwoods   Philadelphia
DOMEX HARDWOODS   Philadelphia area


Brazos Forest Products - Austin   Austin
Hardwood Lumber Company of Dallas, Inc   Dallas
Wood World of Texas LLC in Dallas, TX   Dallas
Brazos Forest Products - Grand Prairie   Grand Prairie
Brazos Forest Products - Houston   Houston
Houston Hardwoods, Inc.   Houston


Vienna Hardwoods   Fairfax
Northland Forest Products, Inc.   Troy


Bear Creek Lumber   Winthrop


Badger Hardwoods of Wisconsin, Ltd.   Walworth
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What customers are saying about Woodfinder

I used Woodfinder to get some alder and pacific red cedar. They ended up loading me up with more than I could carry in my little Geo Tracker.

Rick in NM

"I used Woodfinder to get some alder and pacific red cedar. They ended up loading me up with more than I could carry in my little Geo Tracker."

...Rick in NM

"I used to travel more than 200 miles to get the right pieces of wood...Well, I searched Woodfinder and found a wonderful dealer just a 1/2-hr. drive from home. Thanks again!!!"

...Tony Brown

"Through Woodfinder I found, here in Montana, a truly knowlegable and concerned lumber dealer that really understands the business. He has good prices and good lumber properly handled."

...Lee Grindinger

"We get people in here every week from Woodfinder. We tried magazine ads and found that Woodfinder is our best ad medium. Combined with my site, Woodfinder is the best way to get new customers."

...Jim Hamer, Hardwood Lumber & Millwork, Lakeland, FL

"I'm a stickler for asking people how they heard of me, and four or five times out of ten it's Woodfinder. It's either Google or Woodfinder. "

...Troy Mart, Dom-Ex Hardwoods

"A large part of my business comes through my association with Woodfinder. You can quote me on that."

...Paul Matweecha, Hardwoods, Inc.

"I can say nothing but nice things about you folks. I'm always getting calls from people saying they found me on Woodfinder."

... Mark Frieden, Mark Frieden Hardwoods

"Just wanted to thank you for your service; it has really helped a LOT! I have already paid for your service many times over, and it's only been a few weeks! Keep up the good work, Woodfinder; you're helping us little guys get noticed. Have a great day."

... Steve Grow, Rustic Mill

"As long as I'm healthy and alive, I will be in Woodfinder."

...Miles Gilmer, Gilmer Wood Company, Portland, OR

"Woodfinder is one of the best spent dollars in the advertising media."

...Merrill Morrison, Alva Kiln Dried Hardwoods, Alva, FL

"Other than your site, I haven't needed to advertise much to keep busy."

...Rich Eberly, Eberly Woods, Buchanan, MI

"Most of the business we get comes from Woodfinder. We used to run a classified in Woodshop News and got a lot of calls, but they were mostly just out of curiosity. The calls we get from Woodfinder usually result in orders because people only go there if they're looking to buy. We like that."

... Marion Rogers, Rogers Lumber and Millwork, Covington, OH

"Just thought I'd let you know that my Woodfinder membership is paying off. In fact we got two of the largest orders we have had to date because of our Woodfinder listing."

...Mike Zavels, M.Z. Enterprises, Luttrell, TN

"I get calls or emails from potential customers at least a couple of times a week. My second sale, about 6 weeks after I signed up, paid me back for the membership fee. "

...Jim Rogers, Jim Rogers Sawmill, Georgetown, MA

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