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Rare Woods USA LLC

120 Swift River Rd
Mexico, ME 04257 
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Wood and Wood Products

RARE WOODS USA offering huge stocks of gorgeous exotic lumber from the four corners of the earth!
Over 1 million board feet of Rare and Exotic Lumber spread across over 120 species.

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HARDWOOD LUMBER: Afrormosia, Alder, Alder, Andiroba, Anegre, Ash, Avodire, Curly Avodire, Basswood, American Beech, Spalted European Beech, Steamed European Beech, Quartersawn European Beech, Berlinia, Birch, Curly Birch, Australian Blackwood Acacia, African Blackwood, African Blackwood Logs, African Blackwood art pieces, Satine Bloodwood, Bocote, Boire, Boxwood logs, Boxwood (genuine buxus) sawn t+t, Castello Boxwood, Bubinga, Butternut, Cabreuva, Alaskan Cedar (Nootka), Aromatic Cedar, Himalayan Cedar, Japanese Cedar, Spanish Cedar, Eastern White Cedar, Atlantic Yellow Cedar, Clear Western Red Cedar, Cedrorana, Black Chacate (Leadwood), Chakte Viga, Chechen, Cherry, Curly Cherry, Cerejeira, Cerejeira crotch, Cocobolo, Cocobolo Cants, Cocobolo Tucurensis, Swamp Cypress, Douglas Fir Clears, Black & White Ebony, Brazilian Ebony, Macassar Ebony, Asian Ebony (Amara), Gabon Ebony (African), Indian Ebony, Elm, Goncalo Alves, Granadillo, Figured Granadillo, Hickory, Imbuia, Iroko, Red Ivory Logs, Red/Pink Ivory, White Ivory (Guatambu), Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry), Jelutong, Katalox, Kiaat (Muninga), Brazilian Kingwood, Lacewood (Leopardwood - Roupala Brazilensis), Lacewood (Silky Oak - Cardwelia sublimis), Leadwood (Chacate), Longhi, Louro Preto, Sapele Mahogany, Brazilian Mahogany, African Mahogany, Mahogany Crotch, Mahogany Pod (Chamfuta / Doussie), Santos Mahogany, Makore, Ambrosia (Wormy Maple), Maple, Bird's Eye Maple, Heavy Figure Birds Eye Maple, Birds Eye Maple Peeler cores, Hard Maple Slabs, Hard White Maple, Quarter cut Maple, Curly Hard Maple Billets, Curly Hard Maple dowels, Pacific Maple, Soft Maple, Curly Soft Maple, Curly Tiger Maple (Hard), Marblewood, Mesquite, Mopane Roots, Nogal (Peruvian Walnut), Black Oak live edge slabs, Quartersawn White Oak, Silky Oak, Slavonian Oak, Wild Olivewood, Wild Olivewood Squares, African Padauk, Palmyra squares (Black palmyra), Panga Panga, Pau Ferro/Rosa (Swartzia), Pau Marfim (Ivory Wood), Steamed Curly Swiss Pear, Steamed Swiss Pear, Pernambuco violin bow blanks, Pernambuco, Pine (Furniture grade), Eastern White Pine Pattern outs, White Pine Slabs, Poplar, Purpleheart, Redheart (Chacte coc), African Rosewood, Brazilian Rosewood, Honduras Rosewood, Indian Rosewood, Madagascan Rosewood, Nicaraguan Rosewood, Santos Rosewood, Vietnamese Rosewood, Sassafras, Figured Satinwood (East Indian), East Indian Satinwood, Snakewood Logs, Sipo, Sneezewood, Sneezewood Logs, Spruce guitar parts, Stinkwood, French Sycamore, Tamboti, Genuine Burmese Teak, Rhodesian Teak, Brazilian Tulipwood (Brazilian), Walnut (Peru Nogal), Walnut cores/burls, American Walnut, African Walnut, Wenge, Yellowheart, Yellowwood, Zebrano (Zebrawood), Ziricote

Other Products and Services

Squares Blanks & Bowl Blanks
Amazing Lutherie Woods, Guitar backs, Guitar sides, Guitar finger boards, Guitar neck blanks, Guitar bodies (electric guitars) Alaskan Yellow cedar flute blanks, African Blackwood Clarinet sets, African Blackwood Clarinet pieces, African Blackwood bagpipe sets,
Figured Walnut shotgun blanks

Explore our huge warehouse, with its large showroom and convenient racking to aid selection.

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