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Gilmer Wood Company

Myles Gilmer 
2211 NW Saint Helens Road
Portland, OR 97210 
Web Address: 
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Business Information

  • Retail or retail/wholesale supplier
  • Mail orders accepted
  • Sells turning blanks
  • Sells musical instrument wood
  • Offers custom sawmilling
  • Kiln drying available
  • Sells logs
  • Accepts VISA
  • Accepts MasterCard

Wood and Wood Products

Gilmer Wood Company - Domestic, Unique and Exotic Woods

Afrormosia, European Acacia, Amboyna Burl, English Apple, English Ash, Balsa, Banksia Pods, Basswood, English Beech, German Beech, Beefwood, Beli, Bimblebox Burls, African Blackwood, Bloodwood, Mexican Bocote, Castella Boxwood, Zapatero Boxwood, Mediterranean Briar, Bubinga, Canarywood, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Eastern Red Cedar, Port Orford Cedar, Spanish Cedar, Western Red Cedar, Chakte-kok (Redheart), Chechem, Cocobolo, Cocuswood, Australian Cypress, Doussie(Afzelia), Gaboon Ebony, Macassar Ebony, English Elm, Douglas Fir, Goldfield Burls (Australia), Gombeira, Goncalo Alves, Granadilla, Grass Tree Root, American Holly, English Holly, European Hornbeam, Imbuya, Desert Ironwood, Ivory Nuts, Jabin (Fish poison wood), Jarrah Burl, Jatoba, Jelutong, Kabukalli, Brazilian Kingwood, Knobthorn, Kwila, Lacewood, Lauro Preto, Leadwood, Lignum Vitae, Limba, Black Limba (Black Afara), English Lime, Makamong Burl, Madrone Burl, African Mahogany, Honduras Mahogany, Makore (African Cherry), Birdseye Maple, Maple Burl, Curly & Quilted Bigleaf Maple, Curly Eastern Hard Maple, Masur Birch Burl, Black Mesquite, Mgurure, Mopane, Mountain Mahogany, Muhuhu, Myrtlewood, Narra, English Brown Oak, English Oak Burl, Mediterranean Olivewood, Osage Orange, Padouk, Black Palmwood, Red Palmwood, Partridgewood, Pawlonia, Pau Rosa, European Steamed Pear (Swiss), Pequia Amarello, Pernambuco, Ponderosa Pine, Sugar Pine, Pink Ivory, European Plum, Poplar, Prima Vera, Purpleheart, Rauli, Redwood (Vertical Grain Old Growth), Redwood Burl, Amazon Rosewood, Brazilian Rosewood, East Indian Rosewood, Honduras Rosewood, Madagascar Rosewood (Bois de Rose--deep burgundy color),Palisander Rosewood,Santos Rosewood (Pau Ferro or Morado), Sapele, Sassafras, Brazilian Satinwood, Ceylon Satinwood, Shedua, Shibadan, Snakewood, Sucupira, Tatabu, Tagua Nuts (Vegetable Ivory), Tambootie, Burma Teak (Lumber & Logs), Thuya Burls, African Tulip (Dalbergia sp.), Tzalam, Verawood, African Walnut,T ropical American Walnut, Wenge, Pacific Yew, Zebrawood, Ziricote

Other Products and Services

We sell musical instrument woods - tonewood!
All woods for acoustic and electric guitars, mandolins, violin family instruments, ukeleles, dulcimers, harpsichords, violin bows, flutes, recorders, clarinets, bagpipes, and more.
We stock highly figured wood-curly, quilted, bee's-wing, burly.
Large selection of logs and unusually wide lumber up to 50" wide.
Huge selection of turning wood for hobbyists and professionals.
We have hand-picked wood for archery bows, cutlery handles, duck and goose calls, pool cues, tone wood and all your special projects.

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