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All Righteous Woods - Fruit of the Earth

288 Newburyport Turnpike
Rte 1
Rowley, MA 01969 
978 - 948 - 7329
978 - 948 - 7928
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Business Information

  • Special Terms or Minimum Order:
          $100.00 Minimum Mail Order Monday - Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Saturday 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
  • Retail or retail/wholesale supplier
  • Sells truckload quantities
  • Distribution yard: Sells to wholesalers, retailers and large commercial accounts!
  • Exporter
  • Mail orders accepted
  • Sells veneer
  • Sells turning blanks
  • Sells carving stock
  • Sells green wood
  • Sells recycled, salvaged or antique lumber
  • Sells submerged wood
  • Sells FSC- or Green Tag certified wood
  • Sells sustainable wood
  • Sells musical instrument wood
  • Sells boatbuilding wood
  • Sells project wood
  • Sells moldings
  • Sells and/or manufactures flooring
  • Sells composite decking
  • Sells millwork
  • Sells turnings
  • Sells stairs & stair parts
  • Sells plywood
  • Sells high-pressure laminates
  • Sells solid-surface materials
  • Offers custom sawmilling
  • Kiln drying available
  • Sells logs
  • Pick up and delivery available
  • Accepts VISA
  • Accepts MasterCard
  • Accepts Discover
  • Accepts American Express

Wood and Wood Products

Afzalia Burls, African Blackwood Rosewood, African Rosewood, Amboyna Burl, Aromatic Cedar, Ash, Balsa, BalsaWood, Banksia Seed Pods, Basswood, Beech, Beetle Nuts, Black & White Ebony, Birch, Birch-Massur, Black Walnut, Bloodwood, Bocote, BocoteRoots, Bolivian Rosewood, Boxwood-Asian, Brazilian Koa, Brazilian Rosewood, Brazilian Satinewood, Briar Burls, Bubinga, Butternut, Oak English Burr, Cedar Red, Cedar Yellow, Cedar Burl Yellow, Cedar-Of-Lebanon, Chechen, Cherry, Cocobolo Rosewood, Cypress, Dogwood, Douglas Fir, East Indian Rosewood, Ebony, Ebony Ceylon, Ebony Gaboon, Ebony Macassar, Ebony Madagascar, Pale moon Ebony, Ebony Philippine, Eucalyptus Burls Beige Koala, Eucalyptus Burls Koala Red, Fustic, GoldField Burls, Goncalo Alves, Granadillo, Gun Stocks, Hard maple, Holly, Honduras Mahogany, Honduran Rosewood, Imbuia, Ipe, Jarrah Burls, Jelutong, Kingwood Rosewood, Koa, Lacewood,Lauan, Leopard wood, Lignum Vitae, Lilac Mountain Burls, Lime English, Madagascar Palisander Rosewood, Madrona, Madrone Burls, Magnolia, Mahogany, Manzanita Burls, Maple, Maple Burls, Maple Figured, Mesquite, Mosquito Tree, Mpingo, Muhuhu, Muninga, Myrtle, Myrtle Burls, Nubby Swirl Burls, Oak Red, Oak White, Oak Burls, Olivewood Mediterranean, Osage Orange, Padauk African, Padauk Burmese, Palm Nuts, Palm Wood Black, Palm Wood Red, Partridge Wood, Pau Amarillo, Pear Wood European, Swiss Pear, Pecan, Pernambuco, Pink Ivory, Poplar, Ponderosa Pine, Prima Vera, Prima Vera Crotches, Purpleheart, Redwood, RedWood Burls, Red Gum, Rosewood, Sassafras,Soft Maple, Rose Sheoake, Satine, Satinwood Brazilian, Satinwood Ceylon, Silky Oak, Snakewood, Spalted Woods, Spanish Cedar, Sugar Pine, Sycamore, Tagua Nuts, Tambootie, Teak Burmese, Thuya Burr / Burls, Tigerwood, Tulipwood Rosewood, Walnut, Wenge, White Ash, Willow, Yellow Cedar, Yew English, Zebrawood, Ziricote :)

Wood/Product List

Species/Product Description   Price
Acacia Acacia
African Blackwood African Blackwood
African Ebony African Ebony
African Mahogany
Afzelia Burl
Afzelia Lay
Amboyna Burl
American Cypress
Aromatic Cedar
Australian Blackwood
Australian Desert Acacia
Baltic Birch
Birch (yellow)
Bird's Eye Maple
Black And White Ebony
Black Cherry
Black Limba
Black Mesquite
Black Palm
Black Walnut
Blackheart Sassafras
Bowl Turning Blanks
Brazalian Satinwood
Brazilian Cherry
Buckeye Burl
Burmese Rosewood
Cedar, Red Aromatic
Cedar, Spanish
Cedar, Western Red
Central American Mahogany
Che Chen
Cherry Burls
Cherry, Brazilian (jatoba)
Claro Walnut
Cocobolo (dalbergia Retusa)
Curly Bubinga
Curly Goncalo Alves
Curly Maple
Desert Ironwood
East India Rosewood
English Brown Oak
English Brown Oak
English Yew
European Pear
Exotic Hardwoods
Gabon Ebony
Goldfield Burl
Goncalo Alves
Heart Pine
Hondouras Rosewood
Honduras Mahogany
Honduras Rosewood
Iron Wood
Jatoba (brazilian Cherry)
Lebanon Cedar
Madagascar Rosewood
Maple Burl
Mulberry Burl
Myrtlewood Burl
Rosewood, Brazilian
Rosewood, Honduras
South American Tigerwood
Spalted Maple
Spanish Cedar
Sycamore, Quarter Sawn
Teak (burma)
Thuya Burl, (marocco)
Tulipwood, Brazilian
Walnut, Black
Western Red Cedar
White Oak
White Oak Quarter Sawn
White Oak, Quarter Sawn
White Pine
Wormy Chestnut
Yellow Birch
Yellow Poplar

Other Products and Services

Ipe Decking
Cambara Decking
Fir Decking
Redwood Decking
Mahogany Decking

Railing Systems

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